About the Distiller

Adam Brierley enjoyed nearly a decade working as a professional engineer before leaving to pursue his passion full-time. A lifelong interest in entrepreneurship and community fuelled his desire to start something that would bring together local farmers and vendors in order to showcase the best of the Ottawa Valley. 


    Ogham is committed to transparency about what goes into our products. So much so, that we've installed a 14 foot tall window in our tasting room that allows you to see our entire production area. We are proud to use only all-natural ingredients - no additives, no colourants, no artificial flavours - ever. Every spirit is made entirely onsite, from grain to glass, with our custom Canadian-made copper pot still.


    Environmental stewardship is top of mind. We seek out sustainable packaging - using 100% recycled glass bottles and recycled (and recyclable) packaging materials. Sourcing local is not just a matter of supporting local, we avoid unnecessary commercial shipping of our raw materials wherever possible to reduce our carbon footprint. We strive to find new, innovative and unique ways to dispose of the byproducts of our operations by partnering with local artisans and farmers in support of a circular economy. 


    We believe that Ottawa's spirit should showcase ingredients from local farmers and vendors to build strong community partnerships. The grains at the heart of our spirits are entirely sourced from the Ottawa Valley and we proof our spirits with water from the Lanark Highlands. Using local grains and botanicals requires us to embrace variability and seasonality into our productions - a challenge we welcome in order to foster community ties.

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