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1pt® Infusion Kit

1pt® Infusion Kit

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The 1pt Infusion Kit is a simple, elegant way to create your next infusion and an indispensable tool in the modern mixologist’s cabinet. The high-durability lab glass infusion bottle with walnut-finish cap infuses 375 ml of liquid (half of a standard bottle of spirits). It features a purpose-designed, stainless steel infusion basket ready to hold a single packet of any 1pt infusion blend. Also included are a reusable, gold-finish, stainless steel tasting straw so that you can taste-test during the infusion process, a simple instruction guide, and some cocktail suggestions to start you off in the right direction. Whether you are an experienced mixologist or just starting to explore the world of infused spirits, this kit is a must-have.

1pt Infusion How-to Guide

What You Need What You Do
  1. Open the 1pt Blend Packet and empty ALL of the contents into your vessel

  2. Add your 375ml of spirits to that same vessel and set a timer for the Infusion Time it tells you on the back of the 1pt Blend Packet

  3. When time's up, use a strainer to strain the now-infused spirit liquid into a suitable bottle, discard the used infusion blend material, and reserve the infused spirit for your cocktails

That's It

You're done. Now just follow the simple cocktail recipe to make your infused cocktail  And enjoy!

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