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Ogham Craft Spirits

Bierschnapps - Batch 2

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Distilled from Kichesippi's Boom IPA, this clear spirit highlights the complex fruity palate that IPAs are known for. Amarillo hops lends notes of citrus and guava and Chinook hops bring in a spicy, piney finish. These flavours are backed by a subtle maltiness on the palate.

For the beer lover looking to lighten up, this spirit embodies that first sip of beer, with considerably fewer carbs and no carbonation. Remarkably smooth - enjoy neat at room temperature or mix with lemonade and ice for an exquisitely Ottawa Shandy! Bierschnapps is also an excellent substitute for gin in cocktails like the Tom Collins, and fun way to add a hoppy flavour into your favourite cocktail. 

What is Schnapps? Originating in Germany, traditional schnapps refers to a strong, often clear, distilled spirit, much like a lightly-flavored vodka but now refers to any hard alcohol. Schnapps in North America is commonly confused and only associated with sweetened liqueurs, such as peach. Our schnapps is made in the German style, unsweetened, with no artificial flavours. 

750ml, 40% Alc./Vol.

ALLERGEN INFORMATION: Distilled from a product that was made with malted barley. Produced in a facility that also handles barley and malted barley.


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