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Irish Caesar Kit

Irish Caesar Kit

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Interested in putting an Irish spin on Canada's national cocktail?

By far, the most popular cocktail that customers have been making with our Poitín is a Caesar. This bundle contains everything you need to make a great Caesar in one convenient ready-to-go gift box.

Each bundle includes:

To make our excellent Caesar, first you will infuse half of the bottle of Poitín with the Bloody Simple infusion pack for 5 hours. This will allow you to try both the infused and un-infused Caesar. When the time is up, you can discard the infusion spices. Start to build the Caesar by wetting the rim of your glass with water or a lime slice and rolling the wet rim through the Caesar rimmer. Then, add your ice, 1.5oz of the infused Poitín, and top with Walter's Caesar Mix. Stir to mix, and garnish with a sprig of celery, spicy bean, or whatever interests you! No Worcestershire sauce or Tabasco required!

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