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Ogham Craft Spirits

Digital Gift Card

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The ideal gift for discerning drinkers! 

Gift cards may be used online or in store towards the purchase of Tours & Tastings, cocktails, spirits, or any other items for sale in our tasting room or on our website.  


Gifting a Tour & Tasting! 

Your recipients will receive: 

  • a tour of the production area
  • a guided tasting of three of our staple and seasonal spirits

Tours last roughly 45mins and availability is dependant on our production schedule.

Note: Your recipient must use the "Schedule Your Time" button on the Tour & Tasting product page to select an available time, and use their digital gift card at time of payment. The "Tour & Tasting" gift card is valued at $33.90 which is the exact value of a two person Tour & Tasting after tax. Your recipient may choose to use their gift card towards the purchase of any other products or merchandise in lieu of a tour, if desired. To gift a Tour & Tasting for more than two guests, please select a gift card with an appropriate denomination, or contact us at for assistance!