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Urban Barrel

Oak Aging Cask

Oak Aging Cask

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Our oak casks are handcrafted from American white oak and feature a medium char. Each one comes with a stand, bung (cork), spigot and handling directions to help you get started on aging your perfect blend at home.

These miniature casks are ideal for aging any of our spirits. We recommend checking on your spirits every month to experience the aging process. Aged spirits can be stored in their originating bottle when you decide to draw them from the cask.

These casks are incredibly versatile, and can be used dozens of times. You can use the casks to age several of our spirits including Poitín to make your own Canadian Whisky, or our Maple Eau-de-vie to create a truly unique Canadian Rum. 

Please be sure to first fill your cask with water for at least 24 hours for the wood to swell and seal. Once drained, you can add your spirit of choice to begin the aging process. At the absolute minimum, we recommend checking on your spirit after 2 months of aging, and decide if the spirit is ready to be emptied back into its bottles. At that point in time, it will have the flavour and character of a 3-year aged spirit thanks to the smaller volume. You are also encouraged to sample as frequently as you like, since that is part of the fun!

The spirit will naturally evaporate from the cask as it is aging. This is a phenomenon referred to as the "Angel's Share". Don't wait too long before re-bottling your spirit or the angels will have it all!

Additional sizes and customizations available upon request. Contact us at for more details. 

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