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Ogham Craft Spirits

Pot Still Gin - Batch 3

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Our signature pot still gin is distilled from 100% Canadian grains grown in the Ottawa Valley.

Using a pot still method of crafting gin, we start with a malty base that retains much of the original grain character. Next, we steep our botanicals in the spirit overnight. This longer infusion allows us to pick up the sweeter side of our botanicals - juniper, coriander, and orris - botanicals that grow in the Ottawa Valley. Because we are using only locally available botanicals, there is no citrus in our gin, however the marrying of juniper and coriander creates a delicate citrus profile. Orris - the root of the Iris flower which was traditionally used in the perfume industry to bind the aroma to the medium fills a similar role here, along with lending notes of raspberry. It is this advanced chemistry which allows us to maintain such a simple collection of botanicals while yielding complex flavours. 

Batch three of our Pot Still Gin is made with juniper that our team hand foraged in Mississippi Mills. This fresh, local juniper has a higher oil content than that used in previous batches, which contributes to the natural haziness of batch three when stored at room temperature or below. 

Part of the challenge of craft distilling is embracing variability in your locally sourced ingredients. From season to season and harvest to harvest, every ingredient is a reflection of the time and place in which it was grown. 🌱 

Much as every batch of whiskey is unique, so is every batch of Gin. Batch three tasting notes - a bright, pine-forward flavour reinforced by a malty sweetness and peppery finish.

Enjoy neat, over ice, or in your favourite cocktail.

Visit our craft cocktail recipe page for inspired serving suggestions! 

750ml, 40% Alc./Vol.