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Secco Drink Infusions

Secco Drink Infusion - Mixed Box

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Secco is a blend of specially selected freeze dried fruit and spices which allow you to naturally infuse a drink of your choice. The process by which the fruit has been dried leaves the fruit’s structure open allowing it to naturally infuse your drink with flavour and colour. Simply add one sachet of your favourite Secco to a glass of G&T, cocktail or soft drink and allow to infuse and enjoy.

The Mixed Box includes: 

  • 2x Ginger Lime Packets
  • 2x Spiced Pomegranate Packets
  • 2x Pepper Berry Packets
  • 2x Raspberry Rose Hibiscus Packets



2 Ginger Lime Packets

Fragrant ginger and zesty lime with accents of earthy cinnamon.

Ingredients: Cinnamon, Dried ginger, Dried lime


2 Spiced Pomegranate Packets

Pomegranate rubies and butterfly pea flowers complemented by aromatic star anise cardamom.

Ingredients: Star anise, Dried pomegranates, Cardamom pods, Dried butterfly pea flowers


2 Pepper Berry Packets

Fruity strawberry and blueberry, balanced with a hint of fragrant pepper

Ingredients: Dried strawberries, Dried blueberries, Black peppercorns, Pink peppercorns


2 Raspberry Rose Hibiscus Packets

Floral notes of rose and hibiscus in a crimson blend of sweet raspberries.

Ingredients: Dried raspberries, Dried hibiscus sabariffa flowers, Dried roses