Ogham Craft Spirits is a micro-distillery & tasting room located in Ottawa, Ontario. We produce artisanal spirits from 100% Ottawa Valley grains on our custom Canadian copper pot still.

  • Pot Still Gin

    Produced in traditional pot still style, our gin is characterized by its whisky-like mouthfeel and subtly sweet undertones. Juniper marries with coriander seed and orris root to produce an earthy, peppery gin with notes of citrus and spice.

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  • Traditional Poitín

    Distilled from 100% Ottawa Valley grains, our Traditional Poitín boasts the same mash-bill as our upcoming Signature Canadian Whisky. Aromas of straw and fresh cut grass - the grains introduce themselves in your palette. A more characterful alternative to vodka.

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  • Cider Eau-de-vie

    In collaboration with our friends at Farmgate Cider, we've made an unaged apple brandy that is is crystal clear on the nose with a dry apple taste and clean finish. This spirit will transport you directly to the orchard on a crisp fall morning.

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  • Bierschnapps

    Distilled from Kichesippi's Boom IPA, this clear spirit highlights the complex fruity palate that IPAs are known for. Amarillo hops lends notes of citrus and guava and Chinook hops bring in a spicy, piney finish. These flavours are backed by a subtle maltiness on the palate.

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All of our spirits are produced in-house, grain to glass, from locally grown grains and produce.

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Charcuterie Fridays

We are very excited to be partnering with Zakuska Market and Deli to provide these lovely 2-person charcuterie boxes. Enjoy them at the distillery with a cocktail, or pick up these take-out ready packages to enjoy at home! Available by pre-order only.

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